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Community for anyone with adoptable pets. Need Clicks? Come on in!
Welcome to the new all encompassing adoptable pet community: Adoptable clicks!

The Resident Dragons:
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Adoptable Clicks ♦ The Rules ♣ Moderators ♥ Recommended Sites ♠ Submission Requests

Welcome to Adoptable Clicks! ♥

A community for posting your adoptable pets! It's a great place to hatch eggs, get clicks and get your critters fed.

At this time, all manner of pets are accepted!
Please be courteous, considerate and kind to all other members.

If you want clicks, please return the favor to those that click you.

Please limit your posts to once per hour.

Please do not spam unrelated material, this is not a site to sell things.

For any spam, or complete lack of consideration, your IP will be banned after an initial warning.

Most importantly, Have Fun!
At the moment (as this is a brand new community), I am the only Moderator. I am however accepting applications for Moderators.

If you want to apply, send a detailed e-mail to: Adoptable Clicks!

Please explain your experience with Livejournal, your ability to code profiles or the journal itself, and why it is you want to be a moderator for this community.

Please also include "Click My Adoptable!" in the subject line for this request.
Looking for pets? This is a great place to get started! Here are some recommended sites:

Dragon Cave! ♥
- HatchMyEgg
(Livejournal Community)
- DragonAdoption
(Livejournal Community)
- DragonER
(Livejournal Community)
- RandomDragons
(Livejournal Community)
- The Emergency Room
- Fan Site.

Valenth! ♥

Dragon Adopters! ♥

- DragonAdoptersHelpers
(Livejournal Community)

Arvyre! ♥

UniCreatures! ♥

Hewitt World! ♥
Of Course there are more adoptable sites out there than I have listed, but if there is one you would like to see here, or a Livejournal Community added, please send an e-mail to: Adoptable Clicks! with "Submission Request" in the subject line.

Sister Site LiveJournal Communities:

Pixel Babies r Luv! ♥ - Banner made my theblooddoll.

Additional Adoptable Pet Resources:

Dragon Swamp Breeder Caves!

Visit The Dragon Cave Fansite!